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An online dictionary tool for your site

Add another useful function to lớn your trang web. VDict Quickclick can be integrated into any existing trang web and enables visitors of those websites to lớn lookup for any word with a mouse click. VDict on your site is totally không tính phí, you can used it anywhere you wish. Dictionaries can be looked up using 2 methods (test them on this page):

  • Use your mouse to lớn select the word and press Ctrl-Shift-A
  • Double click on the word

Vdict tìm kiếm box can also be placed anywhere in you webpage

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Vietnamese Dictionary

The script is loaded from Vdict's powerful and reliable server, it will not affect your trang web performance.

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Installation instructions

Installing VDict is very simple and straightforward. All you need is to copy this code and paste it into your webpages where you want the tìm kiếm box to lớn appear. Quickclick code can be put anywhere in the HTML code

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  • Search box and Quickclick function (recommended)
  • Search box without Quickclick
  • Quickclick only, without tìm kiếm box


  • Dictionary selection
    You can choose which dictionaries to lớn be used. 3 mặc định dictionaries are eng2vie (English-Vietnamese), vie2eng (Vietnamese-English) and foldoc (Free online dictionary of computing)/ You can choose other dictionaries (total of 3) by replace eng2vie_vie2eng_foldoc in the code with dictionary names you want to lớn use, separated by an underscore. Names of the dictionaries are as following:
Name  Dictionary 
eng2vie Anh - Việt
vie2eng Việt - Anh 
vie2vie Việt - Việt
vie2fra Việt - Pháp
fra2vie Pháp - Việt
wordnet  Anh - Anh
foldoc Computing
  • Search box width
    To change the width of the tìm kiếm box to lớn fit your layout, you an change the vd_boxwidth parameter of the above code (in px, should be greater than thở 150). For example: vd_boxwidth=400
  • Change dictionary name color
    By mặc định, the dictionary names user the color of your webpage at the placed position. In case you would lượt thích to lớn change this color, use the vd_dictcolor parameter. For example: vd_dictcolor=white or vd_dictcolor=FFFFFF.

Link back to lớn VDict.com

Please put VDict's logo somewhere on your site with a liên kết back to lớn mndreamgarden.edu.vn. Your visitors will immediately aware of VDict function on your site. If they vì thế not know what it is they can always follow the liên kết to lớn this site and look for help. Displaying this logo is totally voluntary, if you don't want to, you don't need to lớn..

Vietnamese Dictionary or Vietnamese Dictionary

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